Tips to make your Senior Portrait Experience the Best!

When it comes to getting in front of the camera I don’t think very many of us get excited.  The nerves kick in and we wonder if we will look as awkward as we often feel.   Well I can assure you that I have enough experience to help you feel confident, amazing and have so much fun while we are creating the gallery you and your parents will love.   However there are a few tips that can be helpful for your big day!

Get a good nights sleep the night before your photos, sleep makes us all look and feel our best.   Make sure you have something to eat and aren’t starving for your session.  Lastly,  if you aren’t feeling well please let me know so we can re-schedule.   Even if you are getting over a cold and feel “good enough” often later you look back and the photos and see you just weren’t one hundred percent.

I highly recommend hair and make up.   Not only does it make the day more exciting and a fun experience make up artists know how to give you the best face for the camera.   They are trained to highlight your best features and make your look natural and amazing.  Letting a stylist do your hair often helps it stay looking it’s best for the hour or two of photos, even in the wind and sometimes damp air Humboldt offers us.

Plus who doesn’t love to get their hair and make up done, add on a mani-pedi (please make sure if you have polish on it’s all on or all off, I can not photoshop or hide your hands, your hands and nails play an important role in many of your photos)  and hey why not take the day off school to make it the most memorable day possible.

I know most guys are thinking I am not getting make up done and I totally understand.  However I will argue that some tinted moisturizer or just moisturizer goes a long way.   Please at least moisturize your face and lips.  Bring along some chapstick (I also provide some in your goodie bag) and make sure you are hydrated so your lips and skin are looking and feeling their best. Schedule your haircut so it’s at least two weeks to a few days before your session this way you show up looking and feeling your best.

Decide if you want to wear a your apple watch or other bands on your wrist.  If you don’t plan on wearing these for your session don’t wear them that day,  This will ensure you don’t have lines or indents from them for your photos, including hair bands.   This is also true for socks.  If you plan to wear shorts and sandals or a dress, don’t wear sock that day.  This way the lines from your socks won’t be visible for your photos.

My last tip would be don’t try something new for your photos.   Be the best version of yourself and show up to have fun and create an awesome, fun and uniquely you gallery together.

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Humboldt County Senior Portrait Tips for Success


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