Hi!!!!   I'm so happy you found me!  This is where your journey to freezing time begins.  I want to learn all about you and the vision you would like to create with me.  I can't wait to show you how beautiful you are and capture memories of your life right now as we know it.   We all think we will remember the details but shoot I don't know about you, but I can't even remember what I had for breakfast most of the time.  Except coffee, because I can't live without coffee.  A little about me, I'm a born and raised Humboldt County girl, grew up at our family ranch chasing butterflies, dancing and wearing cowgirl boots.  I'm a mom of two really awesome kids and know all about how quickly they change and just how important it is to capture them, and the important moments that make up your family.   I love the outdoors, watching my kids play sports, summers at the lake, sunsets and wine.  I enjoy people and truly love showing you all how gorgeous you are in my eyes.  I don't just care about your photos though, I care about your experience and do my best to make every session fun!   I want you and your family to walk away from a session with me laughing and excited to see what we created together.  

Enough about me,  you are likely here visiting my page because you want to capture something special and significant in your life and I would be honored to be your photographer.  Like all chapters in our lives this one is important, big or small your memories deserve to be documented and displayed for all to enjoy.  

I look forward to meeting you, Rendy