Tips for choosing your Humboldt County Location for Portraits

My first piece of advice is to remember that no matter where we go and what you wear your gallery will be gorgeous and one of kind..

My second piece of advice is to understand that weather plays a huge part in your best outcome and we should have a first choice and a plan b, because Humboldt County weather is extremely unpredictable.

In a perfect world we work together to pick out a location that really fits who you are and what you want your senior portraits to say about you.  We talk about whether you are country and want your images to have grassy fields blowing in the wind, or maybe you prefer an urban feel with graffiti or brick walls.  Do you play sports, have hobbies or vehicles?  Great let’s include those and get you a location that works and matches up to you, your lifestyle, and what you plan to wear.

Not sure what to wear?   First start with your favorite color or a color that you always get compliments on when you wear it.  Like for instance if you have green eyes and you wear green or rust color top it really makes your eyes pop.  Wear that!   Secondly be you and stay true to yourself but take it up a notch.   If you plan to stand in a creek then you might want to wear a dress or shorts.  If you plan to wear letterman’s jacket then choosing the right color of jeans or pants to compliment your jacket.   How many outfits depends on what session you choose, and I am here to help you put it all together!

Light ultimately wins!  What do I mean by that, well I have had seniors send me a handful of photos of mine that are what they are wanting for their session.  A lot of times the common denominator in the photos will be a beautiful warm sunny glow in the background..  We don’t always get that and if it’s what you really love then let’s get you on the calendar early so we have time to wait out the possibility of cloudy weather.   Keep in mind clouds can make for the absolutely best lighting.  They create a nice natural reflector and they do not give the harsh shadows of the bright sun.

If you are still not sure where you want your photos think about what you absolutely do not want.   Maybe you want to rule out the redwoods or the beach.   That will help me, help you narrow it down.   The last thing I would like to say is trust me.   My years of experience and having a senior graduate of my own gives me the ability to really figure out what will be best for you.   Once I know who you are, what you like and don’t like and or get a glimpse of what you are going to wear, I can narrow down choices to fit you.

Your senior portrait experience is one you will never forget.  We will have so much fun and working out all these details is part of my job.  Let me help you make the most of our session together.

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Hi!!!  I’m Rendy, the uniquely named, born and raised Humboldt County girl also known as the photographer here at RMP. I’m so glad you found me, this is where your journey to freezing time begins.  I want to learn all about you and the vision you would like to create with me.  I can’t wait to show you how beautiful you are and capture memories of your life right now as we know it.